08/04/2024 - Events AI 1.2.4

1.2.4: Instead of adding the events by detail, I have implemented an AI to generate the event based on the PDF circular sent out.

07/04/2024 - Major Changes 1.2

1.2.1: I have create a settings/profile update page where you can enter your [Year of Birth] and [Club Code] the YOB will be useful in the future when we do features like event recomendadtions and the Club Code is for your add yourselves to a club.

1.2.2: Implemented Clubs where a club admin can create a profile and be able to create events and approve club members.

1.2.3: Implemented Events where we will be listing upcoming events and competitions. (planning on implementing an AI to summarise and describe the event)

30/03/2024 - Minor Changes 1.1

1.1.1: I have updated the Create Training Dialog layout to adopt a single-column format on mobile devices. This adjustment addresses the issue where the dialog's layout would extend beyond the screen boundaries, ensuring a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.

1.1.2: Implemented a changelog page to systematically document updates.

1.1.3: Make some modification to the homepage content.